Theater Solaris wishes to take responsibility for making the theater relevant to the population, and to create new frameworks and formats for the theater meeting, where there is room for immersion, courage and humanism. We do not only have an "audience" - but lasting and valuable relationships with all kinds of people. Relationships that extend far beyond the theater itself. We are active, open and outreaching - and we want to make a real difference in peoples' lives.


Theater Solaris is filled with ambitions and unique visions for how this can be realized and has elaborated 5 directions:


1) To create and produce newly written drama - especially in music theater.

2) To provide space for a real multicultural theater, both in relation to contributors and audiences.

3) To be an international gathering place for professionally performing artists.

4) To create a theater building and hotel.

5) To be citizen and audience involving.


The theater is located in the municipality of Lejre, where the skies are high above and theres is stunning scenery, and strong and deep viking history - all in all a great inspiration for the theater's work.


Theater Solaris stands for spiritual eduaction. To dare to confront the many symmetrical and fearful patterns that limit people's freedom and unfolding - and daring to face the consequences it has.


The overall goal is to create a change and a transformation, but most of all to create a living changeable room for meetings at all levels. To master the unexpected, new and different with openness, trust and shared inspiration.

Our supreme goal is, besides creating space for meetings and thus the way to cultural education, to focus on the big issues. Who are we, what is the meaning of our lives - and not least - how do we create meaning in our lives?

We call our genre spirit-realism, because art must have a direction, a desire for transformation and change in our society for the better. We know that the spiritual education is the most important for mankind. We need awareness to make correct and good choices. A prerequisite for this is the ability to put into perspective, and no other place than in the theater, can we create new insights, other angles and a deeper understanding when we set ourselves that goal.


Next, we live in a time where science is in the process of dissolving our 1900s-scientific understanding. The new quantum time brings new meetings between spirit and science, which no one dared dreaming of. There is a large audience for this new change, and in art we must manage the idea-historical manner, to demonstrate the link between this incredible new reality and the past. Many of the greatest written works revolve around the same issues; man versus God, Heaven and Hell, and everything in between.


Visually, stylistically and genre-wise it can be traced back to the Greek choir, which was both dancing, singing, poetically and musically, but also right up to the modern quest for new and emerging opportunities in the fantastic developments in technology with sound, light and projections.


Good artistic quality knows about its past, riding on its present and pointing into a future at the same time.


Not least, we seek the best professional effort to redeem it.


Teater Solaris | Toelloesevej 53, 4330 Hvalsoe, Denmark | Google Maps | Contact us